The College Hill District is a vibrant neighborhood business district in Rock Island, Illinois. Situated at the intersections of 14th Avenue with 30th and 38th Streets, the College Hill District contains approximately 60 businesses.

Although originally intended to serve the Augustana College area, the district has expanded to become one of the largest retail areas in Rock Island. Its diverse offerings include collectibles and antiques shops, restaurants, and businesses to serve most any needs.


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Membership in College Hill District Organization will help achieve:

For Business Owners:
Greater opportunity for growth;
Co-Op advertising opportunities— CHD website, District map;
Expanded customer base;
Healthier business climate, less financial risk;
Stronger voice for making changes or presenting concerns; and
Guest speakers at organization meetings— improve business skills, public relations, advertising efforts, customer outreach.

For Property Owners:
Stronger property values;
Improved marketability of property;
Stable, more dependable rental environment;
Increased occupancy rates; and
Promotion of available buildings for sale/lease to potential business owners/tenants.

For Community Partners:
Improved quality of life in the community;
Achievement of common goals; and
New membership potential among new residents.

Those interested in College Hill District Organization membership should contact Annette Zaplis, Cool Beanz Coffee House, (309)558-0909, or Steve Mapes, Happy Joe's,
Email the organization at



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